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Welcome to  the 2001 Misc. bolt-ons Page! 


2001 mustang cobra gauges

Click ANY image for Larger picture

The top picture shows the "Fog-relocation" I did.  I did the same mod on the 96 and I liked it.  Of course on the 96 I did it to keep the fogs after doing the Ram-air.  On the 2001 I don't need Ram-air because of the Nitrous, but I still wanted the look - not to mention those big lights won't fit on the Saleen clip.  And according to the 2005, Ford likes the look as well ;)

Here is a straight-on shot - notice this is before the aftermarket grill >>

And AFTER the aftermarket grill >>>>

the mod is VERY easy to do. The 2001 fogs are mounted on a bracket that is in a semi-circle attached to the light. This bracket is set up perfectly to be mounted on the cross member behind the bumper. I used a small "L" bracket and attached the "L" to the fog light bracket, and then instead of trying to drill through that heat treated cross member, I just spot welded the "L" bracket on instead. It works like a charm. Then I just needed to extend the wires a little bit longer to reach to new location. I also cut the Daytime running lights and wired the fog light switch to full time "Switched" power. I keep the fogs on as Daytime running lights!

OK, next thing I want to talk about is the Hood pins.  They serve 2 purposes. They ensure that the aftermarket hood won't fly off. Plus, I padlock them at night so the hood can not be opened, even from inside. This was a VERY nerve-racking mod to do. Purchase a $400.00 hood - paint it - and then cut 2 big holes in it. I did this all by myself, and would suggest to anyone else to have a friend there to agree with all the decisions. The hood pins are also made by Steeda. Once I drilled a small hole where they were to go. I used a dremel to make the holes larger instead of a hole cutter or larger drills - I was worried about the paint cracking. I had white powder EVERYWHERE. It was a mess, but in the end - it looks great and works fantastic. Here is a close-up shot!  Notice this was BEFORE the aftermarket grill.

NOW ........ The MGW Fuel Door ....

MGW Fuel Door

Well, first let me say .... MGW is an absolutely awesome company to deal with. They produce only the highest quality items on the market (Unlike the crap that some companies like UPR have). MGW produce all the beautiful interior accessories which I DO have on my car (but no pics handy).

One of my worst fears is people being able to get access to my gas tank. And why Ford hasn't given us inside door releases yet I'm totally baffled about. A locking gas cap is definitely a MUST. SO if you are going to get a locking gas cap - why not one that looks great too.

Here is a close-up shot >>>>

MGW Fuel Door

It comes with it's own key. The door pops open, then swings out of the way while you are filling. It's awesome. George also has TONS of other unique parts for our cars - check out MGW.

And then came the Half-shafts .....

One of the weakest areas of the 99 and 01 Cobras are the stock Half-shafts.  Because the car has IRS (independent rear suspension) there is no solid rear axle.  Instead there are 2 half-shafts and they break very easily.  The half-shafts were upgraded in 2003 because of the supercharged from factory Cobra.  I decided to install these.

Here is a shot of both of them >>>

Upgraded half shafts

Here is a closer shot - apparently the weak points >>>>

Tech article to do this swap is located HERE


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