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Welcome to  the 2001 Exhaust Page! 



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Click HERE for sound file on Dyno (save as)

The dyno sound file doesn't do it justice.  Many have said it's one of the loudest they have heard on a Mustang.

In a nutshell, this system consists of:

BBK Long Tube Ceramic Headers

Magnaflow Cats

3" Borla XR-1 Race Mufflers

3" exhaust back to 4" tips

2001 mustang cobra exhaust

2001 Mustang Cobra Exhaust

Here is an install shot of the BBK Longtubes

BBK Long Tubes Headers

The Long tube header install takes a lot of time but really isn't all that overly difficult. I had the help (and guidance) of my friend JC who had installed and uninstalled long tubes on his car about 8 times, for various reasons. He has all the air tools which certainly came in handy.

Once the engine was supported with a cherry-picker, the K-Member came out along with the rack. We didn't disconnect the rack lines - just pushed it forward out of the way and supported it. We lowered the engine 4" to access the pass side better. You have to be VERY careful when removing and especially when re-entering the header bolts. You want to do this by hand and make sure they go in perfectly straight. Only the final tightening should be done with a ratchet. Stage 8 locking bolts are a must as well. They shouldn't back out on you! Also, make sure you use "orange" gasket glue on both sides of the STOCK gaskets. This will ensure a proper seal.

Along with the Headers, we installed an Off-road H-pipe. Also by BBK. The Headers and H-pipe and stage 8's I got from Houston Performance - by FAR the best price.

Another nice add-on to think about when installing headers is an EGT Meter. Exhaust Gas Temperature Meter. The probe goes into the header (I chose #7) at the manifold, and a braded line runs into the passenger compartment which plugs into a meter. This meter shows how hot you are running. It is awesome. My good friend Dave King demanded I have one so he gave me one for free! :)

To finish off the exhaust, I decided on Borla XR-1 RACE Mufflers, not just the regular XR-1's. I purchase 3" in/out mufflers so I had my shop increase the "In" pipe to 3" and then went with all Stainless 3" out back to 4" tips. I realize the tips are pretty big, but because of the HUGE cutouts in the Saleen bumper, I felt that smaller tips would look stupid. I think the 4"'s look perfect. Sure, I can launch watermelons out of them, but what's wrong with that??? Hahahahaha. The exhaust shop took 6 hours routing the new cat back onto the car - I was VERY anal about getting the exhaust perfectly lined up, and with the IRS, it was VERY tricky.


UPDATE Summer 2005

I installed Cats on the car.  Here is a funny situation.  Because my exhaust was SO FREE-FLOWING it basically had ZERO back-pressure.  Installing Cats on the car gave me an increase of HP of 26 at the wheels.  Seriously.




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